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About the Museum Archives

Ever since the founding in 1986 of the Nanton Lancaster Society (that went on to become the Bomber Command Museum of Canada), our volunteers have been accumulating a significant collection of archival material that pertains to the museum's goals and collections policy. Much of this was donated by Bomber Command veterans and their families, although our museum and other supporters have collected, written and organized significant components of the collection. As well, other aviation historians have made their work available to the museum and we are pleased to include their work in the museum's archives.

In particular, Paul Squires of the Ventura Memorial Flight Association, Chris Ward, and Hugh Halliday have made very extensive amounts of the archival material that they have accumulated available to us.

We have now placed a large part of the museum's archives onto www.BomberCommandMuseumArchives.ca as a secure, long-term storage location but also to make this information available to researchers, the families of those who served with Bomber Command, and others who are interested in this history.

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